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Now with Stephon Marbury coming out with his new sneakers that provide

Within the last 40 chaussures nike air max femme soldes years of playing, I've been involved with basketball in a single way or another. First as being a mighty mite player, for a 10-year-old. And progressing over the ranks, as a battler, coach, referee and spectator.

Like a nike air max 90 femme youngster, there were only a couple of manufacturers of sneakers which is worn for basketball. The 2 main manufacturers were PF Flyers and also Chuck Taylor Converse. In case you were really a player, you bought the Throw Taylor Converse. Or Chucks as we accustomed to call them. And there have been only two colors. Ebony or white. And a couple styles. High tops and also low cut.

If you truly wanted to get fancy, you took the white nike air max 90 femme soldes laces through your shoes and replaced all of them with different colored laces to match your school colors. So your parents finished up paying $9. 99 for sneakers(plus $1 to the laces). In the later 1970's, there weren't any stores specializing in sneakers and also footwear. We bought our sneakers along at the local Army Navy Retailer.

I'm not suggesting that nike air max 90 femme pas cher we settle for those days. But I believe that it is absolutely outrageous that mom and dad are paying $100 - $200 for that latest sneaker. Sneakers endorsed because of the great NBA players like Kobe Bryant, Alan Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and many others. With foreign suppliers headquarted in Asian countries, the raw cost(labor & material) to create those sneakers is probably not much different today than every time they manufactured Converse back inside seventies. So how do trainers sell for $100 or over? The answer - it's all from the marketing and endorsement rates. Just pure greed.

Now with Stephon Marbury coming out with his new sneakers that provides all changed. The star guard for any New York Knicks has designed as well as being marketing the Starbury One. Guess what the price for the sneakers are? $14. 98. You heard right...2 cents less when compared with $15. 00. And Stephon is going to be wearing his own trainers while playing this arriving season. I think which is awesome. I know the majority is applauding Stephon for her efforts. Already the sneaker is flying off the racks. The Starbury One is an instant success. And hopefully some of the other players will observe suit. Way to get Stephon. Your sneakers certainly are a slam dunk success.


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